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My lampshades are all individually hand printed -using a combination of lino and screen printing to achieve the finished result.

I start off with a drawing, making a design which works as a repeat, to flow around the length of the lampshade. the design is  then cut into the lino block, an enjoyable process which nonetheless involves a lot of finger stabbing. The resulting print from this block is then used as a stencil for a silkscreen. This silkscreen in conjunction with hand mixed water based inks is used to print repeats of the design onto the lampshade paper.

My limited edition prints are all linocuts, some are multi block prints, others are reduction prints. Multi block prints involve the carving of several blocks, printed in different colours, one on top of another to form the image. this method is a little more time consuming at the carving stage but allows a little more freedom to change colours and ideas as you work. unlike the reduction (or suicide) method which uses just one block, cutting small amounts of lino away at a time and printing each layer as you go, working from the colour of the paper through to dark. A greater degree of planning goes into this method, once you have cut an area away there is no going back!

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