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lampshade sizes

As every lampshade is made to order, please feel free to contact me with your particular size requirements. drum lampshades can usually be made slightly taller or shorter at no extra cost.

orders for specific sizes of tapered shades will require the making of a new template and will therefore incur extra cost, contact me for a quote.

below are the standard sizes of each lampshade size (with the exception of Sparrow design which has a maximum height of 28cm).

drum shades

20cm diameter x  20cm height

25cm diameter x  22cm height

30cm diameter x  24cm height

35cm  diameter x  26cm height

40cm  diameter x  28cm height

45cm diameter x  30cm height

tapered shades

20cm bottom diameter x 15cm top diameter x 18cm slope

25cm Bottom diameter x 15cm  top diameter x 21cm slope

30cm bottom diameter x 20cm top diameter x 22cm slope

35cm bottom diameter x 25cm   top diameter x 23cm slope

45cm  bottom diameter x 30cm top diameter x 28.5cm slope

candle shades

14cm bottom diameter x 8cm top diameter x 15cm slope

lampshade fittings

My shades are made using duplex frames, these work with all standard lamp bases and pendant fittings. Your shade will arrive with either a carrier (lamp bases) or a spider fitting (pendant lights).Shades that use this system have many benefits over fixed, fitted frames. The Lampshade lifts off the carrier, so it is easy to maintain. The height between the lampshade and the lamp base can also be controlled by changing the size of the carrier. So, if you have any requirements regarding size of carrier- please let me know (otherwise I will include a standard size for your particular shade).Candle shades (for use with wall lights) are the exception, these use a clip fitting which fit over a candle bulb..

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